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Pin it! Shoes we loveI mentioned in a recent article that I’m going back to work full time fashion retail.  I’m super excited about it.  After being offered the job, I quickly went out to get shoes that would be trendy yet make an 8 hour day on my feet bearable.  Then I went to The Sugar Ribbon to talk to shoppe owner Kendy and lead buyer Anna and chat about their shoe styles.  I asked both of these lovely ladies to bring in two or three pairs of their favorite shoes for a photo shoot and this is what I got:

Anna's Shoe CollectionAnna

describes her shoe style as “pretty yet practical.”  Her shoes (pictured above) are a combination of low and mid height heels which allow her to wear them for several hours without being in pain.  She mentioned that a little pinching in the toes is fine but she refuses to be in pain for fashion.Kendy's shoe collection


describes her style as “haute and heels” .   With a long history of dancing and 25 years as a dance coaching/teacher this sassy lady is practically numb the agony of a high heel for multiple hours and she’s rarely caught in less than an inch.  In fact, she even says she’s most comfortable in heels and she only recently bought a single pair of flats.  Her current favorites are pictured above including her nude and sparkly “princess shoes” in the bottom left above.

Heather's shoe collectionHeather

My mantra is always “fashion + function”.  Whether I’m at home with my son or on a fashion forward sales floor, I value mixing function in my fashion.  My grandma always told me to wear practical shoes and I listened :).  I’m not afraid of flats but I prefer a pointed toe.  My new favorite sandals are the taupe cork wedges made by Clarks pictured above.

shoes we love

On the topic of shoes, have you heard of Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child?

My family has decided to donate one shoebox full of goodies to their program for every pair of shoes we buy this year.  Check out this awesome opportunity to up-cycle those shoe boxes and make your fashion meaningful!  (I also recommend this article for a great insight on what to put in your shoe boxes!  They offer a FREE printable list!
Wishing you summer shoe success! ~Heather  

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